Egyptian Maus
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Egyptian Maus

All about Egyptian Maus, the only naturally spotted domestic cat and the first domestic cat, likely worshipped back in ancient Egypt.
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 Key information on getting a Mau

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Key information on getting a Mau Empty
PostSubject: Key information on getting a Mau   Key information on getting a Mau EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 11:28 pm

1. You'll need to find a breeder. Egyptian Maus are extremely rare. There are less than 10,000 of them in the entire country. You will not find them in a shelter or Petfinder.

To find a breeder, search on the web or go to a local cat show to meet them in person.

2. Be prepared to answer questions from the breeder. Do you have dogs? Children? Other cats?

3. Be prepared to wait weeks to months to get a Mau. With 10,000 Maus in the country, how many do you think just had kittens in your area? And once the kittens are born, they'll need weeks to mature. There may already be a waiting list. In addition, people from other countries love Maus, too, adding to the waiting list.

4. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for an Egyptian Mau kitten: $500-$1000.

5. Understand that these are very social, very vocal, very loyal pets. If you want a cat you can ignore for long periods of time while traveling, get another breed.

My Mau hears me coming home from work and will meow as I climb every step towards my door. Every. Single. Day. She will wake from a dead sleep to greet me. Maus love their people.

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Key information on getting a Mau
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