Egyptian Maus
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Egyptian Maus

All about Egyptian Maus, the only naturally spotted domestic cat and the first domestic cat, likely worshipped back in ancient Egypt.
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 Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase

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Joe Randazzo

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Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase Empty
PostSubject: Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase   Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase EmptyWed Feb 25, 2015 1:21 pm

[Good day to all. My name is Joe. I am new to your community. My wife and I are seeking to purchase an Egyptian Mau kitten. We are not particular about gender or color. What we need is a reference for a solid, genuine breeder within the New York area as we live in Queens. We are open to travel about 100 miles or to neighboring states like Conn and NJ. We are not interested in breeding the animal, we just a beautiful companion pet. We currently have no pets or children in our household. This week we will visit Westchester Puppies and Kittens to see the several kittens that they have. Unfortunately this place has not been subject to the best reviews so we are a bit uncomfortable. We also tried contacting the Arietta Cattery in NJ but they have not replied back to us. We would appreciate any good leads or recommendations. Many thanks for your time and help.
Warm regards'
Joe Smile [/justify]
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Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase   Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 8:08 pm

Hi Joe, And welcome, I just wish you were in the U.K I could have recommended quite a few Very Happy have you tried getting in touch with Laura the woman who runs this site she may be able to help. Good luck with your search.
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Finding an Egyptian Mau for purchase
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