Egyptian Maus
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Egyptian Maus

All about Egyptian Maus, the only naturally spotted domestic cat and the first domestic cat, likely worshipped back in ancient Egypt.
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 What are they really like?

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What are they really like? Empty
PostSubject: What are they really like?   What are they really like? EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 3:43 am

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for 17 years. I've had two wonderful cats that have sadly both passed.
I have done so much research on this breed that I think I can write a book on them. I have made sure that the breed and I are compatable and have located a breeder/reserved a kitten that will be born in August.
I'm beyond excited.

With that being said, what are they really like to live with?
 I know they are vocal, my baby girl was a sealpoint Siamese and nothing is louder or more talkative than her. I have migraines so I was worried over their voice volume but Wintermuse( in the videos I've seen) is talkative but quiet, so it's not a problem.

I know they are active and playful but exactly how active are they? Do they need 2 hours of play during the day or 7 for example?

Any information you can give me would be helpful.
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What are they really like? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What are they really like?   What are they really like? EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 4:33 pm

Hi, We got two of these wonderful cats six months ago they can be quite active but not all the time, living with them is such a joy. I just don't know how they are not more popular. One of them is more talkative than the other but again its never a noise problem, they are quiet most of the time but will have a conversion with you. They are very loyal to their owner(s) and have you thought about getting two for company when you are not there Very Happy 

regards, Kato. anything else you want to know just ask.Smile 
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What are they really like?
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